Andrew Dunlop to Defend PhD Dissertation on Wednesday, December 17th

Planning map design

Geoff Cunfer and Andrew Dunlop

Andrew Dunlop has been a member of the HGIS lab since 2007 and has contributed to the Great Plains Population and Environment Project. Andrew is set to defend his dissertation “Progress, Crisis, and Stability: Making the Northwest Plains Agricultural Landscape” next Wednesday, December 17, 2014. The dissertation relies on digitized air photos of landscapes dating from the 1930s.

The dissertation defense committee includes:

Supervisor: Dr. Geoff Cunfer

Committee Members: Dr. Martha Smith-Norris, Dr. Bill Waiser
Cognate Member: Dr. Maureen Reed, School of Environment and Sustainability
External Examiner: Dr. Sara Gregg, University of Kansas
Chair: Dr. Keith Carlson
CGSR Dean’s Designate: Dr. Jaafar Sadegh Soltan Mohammadzadeh, Chemical and Biological Engineering

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