HGIS Bibliography

St-Hilaire, M; B. Moldofsky; L. Richard; and M. Beaudry. “Geocoding and Mapping Historical Census Data: The Geographical Component of the Canadian Century Research Infrastructure.” Historical Methods 40 (2007): 76-91.

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  1. This article explores the logistical issues of using historical census data. The main dataset source are the Canadian census taken between 1919 and 1951. This article discusses the issues surrounding changing electoral districts and how regions are delineated in the various censes. It is extremely technical and provides detailed examples of strategies to employ to minimize the impact of variance in this type of comparative date analysis. It would be extremely useful for individuals employing this particular dataset but is so specialized and heavily depended on technical knowledge that this article serves little purpose to the lay reader or non-GIS expert. It should not be presented to undergraduate students and would be most appropriate for a graduate-level advanced HGIS course.

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