“Hands-On Introduction to Historical GIS” Presented by Geoff Cunfer

Geoff Cunfer is leading the March ETRUS DH Toolbox session. The session will take place on Friday, March 21st, from 3:00-5:00 pm in Arts 140. Below is the session announcement:

Geoff Cunfer presents a Hands-On Introduction to Historical GIS

Geoff Cunfer is an environmental historian of agriculture on the North American Great Plains. He runs the HGIS Lab at the U of S. This session will provide an example of Historical GIS drawn from his own research about prairie land use change during the 20th century. We’ll start with a brief demonstration, and then participants will work through an analysis of aerial photos taken over the past 80 years. No previous GIS experience is necessary. All are welcome.

Please invite anyone else whom you think might be interested.

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