HGIS Bibliography

Korte, George B.  The GIS Book: How to Implement, Manage, and Assess the Value of Geographic Information Systems, 5th Edition (Canada: OnWord Press, 2001).

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Table of Contents


Part 1: Understanding GIS

Chapter 1: Introduction to GIS

Chapter 2: Defining GIS

Chapter 3: The Uses of GIS

Chapter 4: An Overview of the GIS Industry and GIS Software

Chapter 5: Why Implement a GIS?

Chapter 6: GIS Technology Trends

Chapter 7: GIS Data Sources, Collection, and Entry

Chapter 8: GIS Data Formats and Standards

Chapter 9: Types of GIS Analysis

Chapter 10: GIS on the Web

Part 2: Selecting and Implementing a GIS

Chapter 11: Planning a GIS

Chapter 12: Implementing a GIS

Chapter 13: Selecting a GIS

Chapter 14: Four Leading GIS Vendors’ Products in Review

Chapter 15: Keys to Successful GIS Implementation

Chapter 16: The Pitfalls of a GIS

Chapter 17: Using a GIS Consultant

Chapter 18: Managing and Staffing a GIS

Chapter 19: Managing and Maintaining a GIS Database

Part 3: Considerations for Making GIS Decisions

Chapter 20: Financial Justification of GIS

Chapter 21: The Economics of GIS

Chapter 22: GIS Data Quality

Chapter 23: Getting CADD Data into a GIS

Chapter 24: Legal Aspects of GIS

Chapter 25: Government and Industry Involvement in GIS

Chapter 26: A Case Study in GIS Implementation: Clinton Township, MI

Chapter 27: A Case Study in GIS Implementation: Prince William County, VA

Chapter 28: A Case Study in Maintaining GIS Data: Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Appendix A: Exercises

Appendix B: Resources

Appendix C: GIS Data Sources

Glossary of Commonly Used GIS Terms


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