HGIS Bibliography

International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing, vol.3(1-2), 2009.

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“Forum: Is GIS Changing Historical Scholarship?”

“Barriers Between Historical GIS and Historical Scholarship” by Onno Boonstra

“GIS and Historical Scholarship: A Question of Scale” by James W. Wilson

“What Can GIS Offer History?” by Karen K. Kemp

“Reconstruction of Kyoto of the Edo Era Based on Arts and Historical Documents: 3D Urban Model Based on Historical GIS Data” by Yuzuru Isoda, Akihiro Tsukamoto, Yoshihiro Kosaka, Takuya Okumura, Masakazu Sawai, Keiji Yano, Susumu Nakata, and Satoshi Tanaka

“Unfolding the Landscape Drawing Method of Rakuchu Rakugal Zu Screen Paintings in a GIS Environment” by Akihiro Tsukamoto

“Thomas Gray, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Geographical Information Systems: A Literary GIS of Two Lake District Tours” by Ian N. Gregory and David Cooper

“Prehistoric Resource Procurement in the Central Mesa Verde Region: A Study of Human Mobility and Social Interactions Using GIS” by Fumiyasu Arakawa and Christopher Nicholson

“Visualisation in Archaeology: An Assessment of Modelling Archaeological Landscapes Using Scientific and Gaming Software” by Michael Teichmann

“Digitising the Middle Ages: The Experience of the “Lands of the Normans’ Project by E.S. MacKenzie, J. McLaughlin, T.K. Moore, and K.M. Rogers

“National Historical Geographical Information Systems As a Tool for Historical Research: Population and Railways in Wales, 1841-1911” by Ian Gregory and Robert M. Schwartz

“Visible Past: A Location and Attention Aware Learning and Discovery Environment for Digital Humanities” by Sorin Adam Matei

“Exploring Informed Virtual Sites Through Michel Foucault’s Heterotopias” by Francis Rousseaux and Indira Thouvenin

“The British Isles Network of Expert Centres: A Collaborative Approach to the Digital Arts and Humanities” by Lorna M. Hughes and Paul S. Ell

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