HGIS Bibliography

Social Science History, vol. 24(3), 2000. Special Issue on “Historical GIS: The Spatial Turn in Social Science History.”

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“Introduction” by Anne Kelly Knowles

“Longitudinal Analysis of Age-and Gender-Specific Migration Patterns in England and Wales: A GIS-Based Approach” by Ian Gregory

“Using GIS for Spatial and Temporal Analyses in Print Culture Studies: Some Opportunities and Challenges” by Bertrum H. MacDonald and Fiona A. Black

“Using GIS to Document, Visualize, and Interpret Tokyo’s Spatial History” by Loren Siebert

“Historical GIS as a Foundation for the Analysis of Regional Economic Growth: Theoretical, Methodological, and Practical Issues” by Richard G. Healey and Trem R. Stamp

“China’s Fertility Transition Through Regional Space: Using GIS and Census Data for a Spatial Analysis of Historical Demography” by G. William Skinner, Mark Henderson, and Yuan Jianhua

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