HGIS Bibliography

Social Science Computer Review, vol. 27(3), 2009.

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“Historical GIS: Enabling the Collision of History and Geography” by Timothy J. Bailey and James B.M. Schick

“From Wilderness to Megalopolis: A Comparative Analysis of County Level Sex Ratios in the United States from 1790 to 1910 Using a Historical GIS” by Mark A. Boeckel and Samuel M. Otterstrom

“Using GIS and Individual-Level Data for Whole Communities: A Path Toward the Reconciliation of Political and Social History” by Donald A. DeBats

“Backcountry Settlement Development and Indian Trails A GIS Land-Grant Analysis” by G. Rebecca Dobbs

“Historical GIS and Visualization: Insights from Three Hotel Guest Registers in Central Pennsylvania, 1888-1897” by David A. Fyfe, Deryck W. Holdsworth, and Chris Weaver

“Exploring Vegetation Patterns Along an Undefined Boundary: Eastern Harrison County, Texas, Late Spring, 1838” by Gang Gong and Jim Tiller

“Standard of Living Effects Due to Infrastructure Improvements in the 19th Century” by Peter D. Groote, J. Paul Elhorst, and P.G. Tassenaar

“Layered Landscapes: The Swamps of Colonial Northbridge” by Felicity Morel-EdnieBrown

“Reconstructing Former Features of the Cultural Landscape Near Early Celtic Princely Seats in Southern Germany: A GIS-Based Application of Large-Scale Historical Maps and Archival Sources as a Contribution to Archaeological Research” by Christof Schuppert and Andreas Dix

“Metropolitan Telecommunication: Uneven Telegraphic Connectivity in 19th-Century London” by Roland Wenzlhuemer

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