HGIS Bibliography

History & Computing, vol. 13(1), 2001.

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“Adding a New Dimension to Historical Research With GIS” by Paul S. Ell and Ian N. Gregory

“Geographical Information and Historical Research: Current Progress and Future Directions” by Ian N. Gregory, Karen K. Kemp, and Ruth Mostern

“Race and Decline of Mainline Protestantism in American Cities: A GIS Analysis of Indianapolis in the 1950s” by Etan Diamond and David J. Bodenhamer

“Sydney Timemap: Integrating Historical Resources Using GIS” by Andrew Wilson

“Reconstructing Territorial Units and Hierarchies: A Belgian Example” by Martina De Moor and Torsten Wiedemann

“Digital Archives from Excavation and Fieldwork: A Guide to Good Practice (Book)” by Hans Kamermans

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