HGIS Bibliography

Journal of Knowledge Management, Economics and Information Technology, June 2012. Special Issue: “Self-organizing Networks and GIS Tools Cases of Use for the Study of Trading Cooperation (1400-1800).” Coordinated by Ana Crespo Solana and David Alonso García.

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“Dynamic Complexity of Cooperation-BasedSelf-Organizing Commercial Networks in the First Global Age(DynCoopNet): What’s in a name?” by J. B. “Jack” Owens

“Dynamics of Trade Networks: The Main Research Issues on Space-Time Representations” by Monica Wachowicz and J. B. “Jack” Owens

“Geo-history: Incorporation of Geographic Information Systems into Historical Event Studies” by Adolfo Urrutia Zambrana, María José García Rodríguez, Miguel A. Bernabé Poveda, and Marta Guerrero Nieto

“Commercial Flows and Transference Patterns Between Iberian Empires (16th-17th Centuries)” by Amélia Polonia and Amandio Barros

“Modelling and Implementation of a Spatio-temporal Historic GIS” by Esther Pérez Asensio, Isabel del Bosque, Roberto Maestre, JuanManuel Sanchez-Crespo Camacho, and Ana Crespo Solana

“Self-organizing: The Case of Merchant’s Cooperation in the Hispanic Atlantic Economy (1680-1778)” by Ana Crespo Solana

“Database Use and Networks of Cooperation Between Tax Farmers in Castile, 1500-1536” by David Alonso García

“Ports, Trade and Networks. One Example: Trade in Manila. Databases for a Historical Research GIS” by Antoní Picazo Muntaner

“From Small World to Large Universe: Kasimbazar in Eighteenth Century Bengal” by Rila Mukherjee

“Integration of Virtual Map Rooms as a Support Tool in Historical and Social Research” by Willington Siabato, Miguel Ángel Bernabé Poveda, and AlbertoFernández-Wyttenbach

“Toward Temporal Annotation in GIS Environments” by Marta Guerrero Nieto, Adolfo Urrutia Zambrana, Miguel Ángel Bernabé Poveda, and María José García Rodríguez

“The Operational Structure of Historical Maritime Shipping: A General Review of Knowledge Discovery Tools” by Werner Scheltjens

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