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Kriz, Karel; William Cartwright; and Michaela Kinberger. Understanding Different Geographies (Heidelberg: Springer-Berlag, 2013).

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Table of Contents

“Understanding Different Geographies” by Karel Kriz, William Cartwright and Michaela Kinberger

Part 1: Geocommunication

“Maps and Design-Influence of Depiction, Space and Aesthetics on Geocommunication” by Karel Kriz

“Understanding Different Geographies Through Drawings and Sketches” by William Cartwright

“Understanding Through Encountering Place” by Laurene Vaughan

Part II: Artefacts and Geospace

“Artefacts and Geospaces” by William Cartwright

“Understanding Artifacts Through Geographies: Perceiving Geographies Through Artifacts” by Fani Gargova

“When Countries Become Gods: The Geospatial Aspect of Deities in India” by Verena Widorn

Part III: Exhibitions and Geospace

“Geographic Space in Museums: Considerations Towards a Spatio-Temporal Supported Exhibition” by Michaela Kinberger and Alexander Pucher

“Potential Information Gains for Exhibition Makers and Their Audience by Mapping the Movement of Objects: The Example of Material Culture of the Byzantine Empire” by Sarah Teetor

Part IV: Representations and Geospace

“Uncertain Decisions and Continuous Spaces: Outcomes Spaces and Uncertainty Visualization” by Stephanie Deitrick

“Modelling Uncertain Geodata for the Literary Atlas of Europe” by Anne-Kathrin Reuschel, Barbara Piatti, and Lorenz Hurni

“The Effect of the Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Geography on our Contemporary Landsape Development Using GIS Models” by Anna Czinkoczky and Gyoergy Szabo

“The Potential of Using Web Mapping as a Tool to Support Cultural History Investigations by David Schobesberger and William Cartwright

“Virtual Tabo: Geocommunication for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage with the Help of Multimedia Technology” by Gilbert Kotzbek

Part V: History and Geospace

“Geographic Projections of a 16th Century Trade Network: New Meanings for Historical Research” by Sarah Pinto

“Getting Around in the Past: Historical Road Modelling” by Markus Breier

“Networks of Border Zones: A Case Study on the Historical Region of Macedonia in the 14th Century AD” by Mihailo St. Popovic

“The Itinerary and Palestine Maps of Matthaeus Parisiensis: New Input to a Neverending Discussion” by Johannes Weiss

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