HGIS Bibliography

Journal of Map and Geography Libraries, vol. 9(1-2), 2013. Special Issue on “Working Digitally with Historical Maps”.

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“Guest Editorial: Working Digitally with Historical Maps” by Humphrey Southall

“Unbinding the Atlas: Moving the NYPL Map Collection Beyond Digitization” by Matthew Allen Knutzen

“Using Old Maps and New Methods to Discover the Early Chemicals and Petroleum Industries of Newtown Creek in New York City” by Anne E. Leonard and Peter Spellane

“Developing a Digital Map Collection for Research and Teaching: The ‘Planning Atlanta: A New City in the Making, 1930s-1990s’ Collection” by Joseph A. Hurley

“‘Big Historical Data’ Feature Extraction” by Richard J. Marciano, Robert C. Allen, Chien-Yi Hou, and Pamella R. Lach

“MapScholar: A Web Tool for Publishing Interactive Cartographic Collections” by S. Max Edelson and Bill Ferster

“The Value of Bounding Box: Moving Historical Charts Beyond the Image Browser” by Meredith A. Westington and Keith Bridge

“Modeling the History of the City” by Michael C. Page, Kimberly Durante,  and Randy Gue

“X Marks the Spot: Extracting Data from Historical Maps to Locate Archaeological Sites” by Andrea P. White

“The Library Research Partner and Data Creator: The Don Valley Historical Mapping Project” by Marcel Fortin and Janina Mueller

“Digital Philanthropy: Increasing Access Through Donor Collaboration” by Julie Sweetkind-Singer

“AddressingHistory–Crowdsourcing a Nation’s Past” by Stuart Macdonald and Nicola Osborne

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