HGIS Bibliography

Hallam, Julia, and Les Roberts. Locating the Moving Image: New Approaches to Film and Place (Bloomington: Indian University Press, 2014).

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Table of Contents


1. Film and Spatiality: Outline of a New Empiricism by Les Roberts and Julia Hallam

2. Getting to “Going to the Show” by Robert C. Allen

3. Space, Place, and the Female Film Exhibitor: The Transformation of Cinema in Small-Town New Hampshire During the 1910s by Jeffrey Klenotic

4. Mapping Film Exhibition in Flanders (1920-1990): A Diachronic Analysis of Cinema Culture Combined with Demographic and Geographic Data by Daniel Biltereyst and Philippe Meers

5. Mapping the Ill-Disciplined? Spatial Analysis and Historical Change in the Postwar Film Industry by Deb Verhoeven and Colin Arrowsmith

6. Mapping Film Audiences in Multicultural Canada: Examples from the Cybercartographic Atlas of Canadian Cinema by Sebastien Caquard, Daniel Naud, and Benjamin Wright

7. The Geography of Film Production in Italy: A Spatial Analysis Using GIS by Elisa Ravazzoli

8. Mapping the “City” Film 1930-1980 by Julia Hallam

9. Retracing the Local: Amateur Cine Culture and Oral Histories by Ryan Shand

10. Beyond the Boundary: Vernacular Mapping and the Sharing of Historical Authority by Kate Bowles

11. Afterword: Toward a Spatial History of the Moving Image by Julia Hallam and Les Roberts



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