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International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing, vol. 8(1), 2014. Special Issue on “Digital Methods and Tools for Historical Research.”

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Editor’s Note

Notes on Contributors

Guest Editor’s Introduction: Digital Methods and Tools for Historical Research by Daniel Alves

I. Databases and GIS: A Critical Approach

Silk Purses and Sow’s Ears: Can Structured Data Deal with Historical Sources? by John Bradley

Geographic Information Systems and Historical Research: An Appraisal by Luís Espinha da Silveira

II. Digitization, Analysis and Editions of Textual Sources

Crowdsourcing Bentham: Beyond the Traditional Boundaries of Academic History by Tim Causer and Melissa Terras

Manuscripts and Machines: The Automatic Replacement of Spelling Variants in a Portuguese Historical Corpus by Rita Marquilhas and Iris Hendrickx

From the Scholarly Edition to Visualization: Re-using Encoded Data for Historical Research by Malte Rehbein

III. Digital Preservation

The Importance of Web Archives for Humanities by Daniel Gomes and Miguel Costa

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