HGIS Bibliography

Pickles, John. A History of Spaces: Cartographic Reason, Mapping and the Geo-Coded World. New York: Routledge, 2004.

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Review by Mark Whitehead in Area 38.3 (2006): 342-343.

Review by Marcus A. Doel in Area 38.3 (2006): 343-345.

Review by Joe Painter in Area 38.3 (2006): 345-347.


Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Preface and Acknowledgements

Part I: Introduction

1. Maps and Worlds

Part II: Deconstructing the Map

2. What Do Maps Represent? The Crisis of Representation and the Critique of Cartographic Reason

3. Situated Pragmatics: Maps and Mapping as Social Practice

Part III: The Over-Coded World: A Genealogy of Modern Mapping

4. The Cartographic Gaze, Global Visions and Modalities of Visual Culture

5. Cadastres and Capitalisms: The Emergence of a New Map Consciousness

6. Mapping the Geo-body: State, Territory and Nation

7. Commodity and Control: Technologies of the Social Body

Part IV: Investing Bodies In Depth

8. Cyber-Empires and the New Cultural Politics of Digital Spaces

Part V: Conclusion

9. Counter-mappings: Cartographic Reason in the Age of Intelligent Machines and Smart Bombs




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