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Knowles, Anne Kelly, Tim Cole, and Alberto Giordano. Geographies of the Holocaust (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2014).

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Table of Contents


1. Geographies of the Holocaust by Alberto Giordano, Anne Kelly Knowles, and Tim Cole

2. Mapping the SS Concentration Camps by Anne Kelly Knowles and Paul B. Jaskot with Benjamin Perry Blackshear, Michael De Groot, and Alexander Yule

3. Retracing the “Hunt for Jews”: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Arrests during the Holocaust in Italy by Alberto Giordano and Anna Holian

4. Killing on the Ground and in the Mind: The Spatialities of Genocide in the East by Waitman Wade Beorn with Anne Kelly Knowles

5. Bringing the Ghetto to the Jew: Spatialities of Ghettoization in Budapest by Tim Cole and Alberto Giordano

6. Visualizing the Archive: Building at Auschwitz as a Geographic Problem by Paul B. Jaskot, Anne Kelly Knowles, and Chester Harvey, with Benjamin Perry Blackshear

7. From the Camp to the Road: Representing the Evacuations from Auschwitz, January 1945 by Simone GigliottiMarc J. Masurovsky, and Erik B. Steiner

8. Afterword by Paul B. Jaskot and Tim Cole



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