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McCormick, Michael. Origins of the European Economy: Communications and Commerce, A.D. 300- 900 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001).

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Review by Julia M.H. Smith in Speculum 78 (2003): 956-959.

Review by Edward Peters in The Journal of Interdisciplinary History 34 (2003): 49-61.

Table of Contents

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List of Abbreviations

Commerce, Communications, and the Origins of the European Economy

From the End of Rome to the Origins of the European Economy

The Changing Context of Carolingian Commerce

Early Medieval Writers’ Attitudes Towards Merchants

Early Medieval Communications

The Road Ahead

Part 1: The End of the World

1. The End of the Ancient World

2. Late Roman Industry: Case Studies in Decline

3. Land and River Communications in Late Antiquity

4. Sea Change in Late Antiquity

Part II: People on the Move

5. A Few Western Faces

6. Two Hundred More Western Envoys and Pilgrims: Group Portrait

7. Byzantine Faces

8. Easterners Heading West: Group Portrait

9. Traders, Slaves, and Exiles

Part III: Thing That Traveled

10. Hagiographical Horizons: Collecting Exotic Relics in Early Medieval France

11. “Virtual” Coins and Communications

12. Real Money: Arab and Byzantine Coins Around Carolingian Europe

Part IV: The Patterns of Change

13. The Experience of Travel

14. Secular Rhythms: Communications Over Time

15. Seasonal Rhythms

16. Time Under Way

17. “Spaces of Sea”: Europe’s Western Mediterranean Communications

18. Venetian Breakthrough: European Communications in the Central Mediterranean

19. New Overland Routes

Part V: Commerce

20. Early Medieval Trading Worlds

21. Where are the Merchants? Italy

22. Merchants and Markets of Frankland

23. Connections

24. Where are the Wares? Eastern Imports to Europe

25. European Exports to Africa and Asia


1. Checklist of Mediterranean Travelers, 700-900

2. Mentions of Mancosi to 850

3. Catalogue of Arab and Byzantine Coins in the West


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