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Von Lünen, Alexander; and Charles Travis. History and GIS: Epistemologies, Considerations and Reflections (New York: Springer, 2013).

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Review by Anne Kelly Knowles in International Journal of Geographical Information Science 28 (2014): 206-211

Table of Contents

1. Beyond GIS: Geospatial Technologies and the Future of History by David J. Bodenhamer

2. Immobile History: An Interview with Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie by Alexander von Lünen and Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie

3. The Dawn of a Golden Age? Historical GIS and the History of Chloropleth Mapping in the Netherlands by Onno Boonstra

4. (In)Digitizing Cauigu Historical Geographies: Technoscience as a Postcolonial Discourse by Mark H. Palmer

5. Place in Time: GIS and the Spatial Imagination in Teaching History by Detlev Mares and Wolfgang Moschek

6. “Thou Shalt Not Make No Graven Maps!”: An Interview with Gunnar Olsen by Alexander von Lünen and Gunnar Olsen

7. Vernacular GIS: Mapping Early Modern Geography and Socioeconomics by Alexi Baker

8. Mapping Miracles: Early Medieval Hagiography and the Potential of GIS by Faye Taylor

9. The Role of Knowledge Spaces in Geographically-Oriented History by Monica Wachowicz and J.B. Owens

10. Writing Visual Histories: An Interview with David J. Staley by Charles Travis and David J. Staley

11. GIS and Research Into Historical “Spaces of Practice”: Overcoming the Epistemological Barriers by Sam Griffiths

12. GIS and History: Epistemologies, Reflections, and Considerations by Charles Travis

13. Maps of Change: A Brief History of the American Historical Atlas by Edward L. Ayers, Robert K. Nelson, and C. Scott Nesbit

14. Tracking in a New Territory: Re-Imagining GIS for History by Alexander von Lünen


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