HGIS Bibliography

Social Science History, vol. 35(4), 2011. Special Edition on “Historical GIS and the Study of Urban History

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“Introduction to Historical GIS and the Study of Urban History” by Donald A. DeBats and Ian N. Gregory

“Did Segregation Increase as the City Expanded? The Case of Montreal, 1881-1901” by Jason Gilliland, Sherry H. Olson, and Danielle Gauvreau

“Political Consequences of Spatial Organization: Contrasting Patterns in Two Nineteenth-Century Small Cities” by Donald A. DeBats

“Trading Places: A Historical Geography of Retailing in London, Canada” by Mathew J. Novak and Jason A. Gilliland

“Denny Regrade, 1893-2008: A Case Study in Historical GIS” by Aaron Raymond

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