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Lowerre, Andrew. Placing Castles in the Conquest: Landscape, Lordship and Local Politics in the South-Eastern Midlands, 1066-1100 (Oxford: John and Erica Hedges Ltd, 2005).

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Table of Contents





Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Castles, Chronology and Local Politics

Chapter Three: Castles and Pre-Conquest Centers of Lordship

Chapter Four: Castles, Divided Vills and Honorial Cores

Chapter Five: Manorial Resources and Castle Location

Chapter Six: Castles in the Physical Landscape

Chapter Seven: Conclusion

Appendix I: GIS Data Sources for the Geography of the South-Eastern Midlands in the Late-Eleventh Century

Appendix II: Establishing the Evidence for Late-Eleventh-Century Castles

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