HGIS Bibliography

Kidner, David; Gary Higgs; and Sean White, eds. Socio-Economic Applications of Geographic Information Science. (CRC Press, 2002).

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Table of Contents



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1. Introduction by Gary Higgs, David Kidner, and Sean White

2. Revisiting Fundamental Principles of GIS by Nicholas Crisman 

Part 1: GIS and Crime

3. When is a Hotspot a Hotspot? A Procedure for Creating Statistically Robust Hotspot Maps of Crime by Spencer Chainey, Svein Reid, and Neil Stuart

4. Evaluating Situational Crime Prevention: The Merseyside ‘Alleygating’ Schemes by Chris Young, Alex Hirschfield, Kate Bowers, and Shane Johnson

5. Crime Hot Spot Prediction A Framework for Progress by Jonathan Corcoran and Andrew Ware

Part II: GIS and Planning

6. E-Community Participation: Communicating Spatial Planning and Design Using Web-Based Maps by Kheir Al-Kodmany

7. A Collaborative Three-Dimensional GIS for London: Phase 1 Woodberry Down by Andrew Hudson-Smith and Steve Evans

8. Historic Time Horizons in GIS: East of England Historic Landscape Assessment by Lynn Dyson-Bruce

9. Using GIS to Research Low and Changing Demand for Housing by Peter Lee and Brendan Nevin

Part III: GIS and Urban Applications

10. Geographical Visual Information System (GVIS) to Support Urban Regeneration: Design Issues by Xiaonan Zhang, Nigel Trodd, and Andy Hamilton

11. Using Measures of Spatial Autocorrelation to Describe Socio-Economic and Racial Residential Patterns in US Urban Areas by Andrea Frank

12. Georeferencing Social Spatial Data and Intra-Urban Property Price Modelling in a Data-Poor Context: A Case Study for Shanghai by Fulong Wu

Part IV: GIS and Rural Applications

13. Accessibility to GP Surgeries in South Norfolk: A GIS-Based Assessment of the Changing Situation 1997-2000 by Andrew Lovett, Gisella Suennenberg, and Robin Haynes

14. Measuring Accessibility for Remote Rural Populations: Mandy Kelly, Robin Flowerdew, Brian Francis, and Juliet Harman

15. Assessing the Transport Implications of Housing and Facility Provisions in Glouchestershire by Helena Titheridge

Part V: GIS in Socio-Economic Policy

16. Using GIS for Sub-Ward Measure of Urban Deprivation in Brent, England by Richard Harris and Martin Frost

17. The Spatial Analysis of UK Local Electoral Behavior: Turnout in a Bristol Ward by Scott Orford and Andrew Schuman

18. Towards a European Peripherality Index by Carston Schuermann and Ahmed Talaat

19. Using a Mixed-Method Approach to Investigate the Use of GIS Within the UK National Health Service by Darren Smith, Gary Higgs, and Myles Gould



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