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Peuquet, Donna J. Representations of Space and Time. (London: Guilford Press, 2002).

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Review by Gerard Rushton in Annals of the Association of American Geographers 94 (2004): 687-688.

Review by David R. Montello in Geographical Review 94 (2004): 124-127.

Review by May Yuan in Economic Geography 80 (2004): 217-218.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Part I: Theories of World Knowledge Representation

Chapter 2: Representation versus Reality

Chapter 3: Acquiring World Knowledge: The Overall Process

Chapter 4: Storing World Knowledge: Some Elements of Conceptual Structure

Chapter 5: Acquiring World Knowledge Through Direct Experience

Chapter 6: From Observation to Understanding

Chapter 7: Acquiring Geographic Knowledge Through Indirect Experience

Chapter 8: How Spatial Knowledge is Encoded

Part II: The Computer as a Tool for Storing and Acquiring Spatial Knowledge

Chapter 9: New Tools, New Opportunities

Chapter 10: The Computer as Medium

Chapter 11: Storing Geographic Data

Chapter 12: A New Perspective for Geographic Database Representation

Chapter 13: Interacting with Databases

Chapter 14: Issues for Implementing Advanced Geographic Databases

Chapter 15: Epilogue: Moving Forward



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