HGIS Lab Geo-Rectifying and Digitizing Historic Austrian Maps

The HGIS lab has recently undertaken a georectifying and digitizing of historic maps project for the Sustainable Farms Systems Project. The original maps were created as part of a cadastral survey from 1817-1861 and include 300,000 square kilometers within contemporary Austria and 230,000 square kilometers within contemporary Hungary.

The completed work will establish part of the Austrian HGIS data. This data will allow for an in-depth analysis using social ecological indicators in pre-industrial agro-ecosystems of the relatioship between land-use and land-tenure, soil fertility and energy relations.

The work is being undertaken by Jessica DeWitt, Michael Neundlinger, Mike St. Louis, and Matt Todd.

More information can be found at http://www.hgis.usask.ca/sustainable-farm-systems/

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