HGIS Lab Members at ASEH 2015

Four members of the HGIS lab and the Department of History at the University of Saskatchewan will be attending and presenting at the annual meeting of the American Society for Environmental History (ASEH) next week, March 18-21, 2015. Geoff Cunfer will be presenting with other members of the Sustainable Farm Systems Project. The presentations are as follows:


The University of Saskatchewan History Department

at the American Society for Environmental History

Washington, DC

March 18-22, 2015

 The Metabolism of Agro-Ecosystems:  Soil Fertility and Sustainability on Historical Farms

Panel 2-C in Room 3015, Thursday, March 19, 10:30-12:00

  • Donald Worster, chair and commentator
  • Paper 1: Roberto García Ruiz, Elena Galán del Castillo, Enric Tello, Gloria Guzman Casado, Juan Infante-Amate, David Soto, Eduardo Aguilera, Antonio Cid, and Manuel González de Molina , “The Socio-Ecological Transition of Spanish Agriculture from a Soil Fertility Point of View, 1750-2010”
  • Paper 2: Olga Lucía Delgadillo and Stefania Gallini, “Sugar Cane and the Twentieth-Century Industrialization of Agriculture in Southwestern Colombia”
  • Paper 3: Geoff Cunfer, “Soil Fertility on an Agricultural Frontier:  The U.S. Great Plains, 1870-2000”

Protest & Politics in Energy Transitions:  From Wood to Coal and Back

Panel 3-D in Room 3016, Thursday, March 19, 1:30-3:00

  • Brian Donahue, chair and commentator
  • Paper 1: Josh MacFadyen, “Pricing the Urban Woodpile:  Fuel Philanthropy and Protest in Toronto and Montreal”
  • Paper 2: Owen Temby, “Local Growth Coalitions and Smoke Policy in Montreal during the Interwar Period”
  • Paper 3: Sarah Mittlefehldt, “Pragmatic Activism:  Wood Energy as Political Protest in the 1970s”
  • Paper 4: Emily Jane Silver, “Seeing Forests as Fuel:  The Evolution of Biomass Energy Perceptions since 1980”

Water as a Proxy for Environmental Protest

Panel 6-D in Room 3016, Friday, March 20, 10:30-12:00

  • Donald C. Jackson, chair
  • Paper 1: John Thistle, “Hydropower at Patshetshunau”
  • Paper 2: Diana J. Fox, “’Stewards of our Island’:  Rastafari Women’s Activism for the Forests and the Waters of Trinidad and Tobago”
  • Paper 3: Jessica Marie DeWitt, “Reviving the Distant Clarion: The Ecological Degradation and Expedient Restoration of Pennsylvania’s Clarion River”
  • Paper 4: Jackie Mullen, “Atlantic Turbulence and Postwar Coastal Conservation”

Glenn Iceton, poster:  “I Shall Get You Any Curiosity Worth While:  Collecting Biases in Material Exchange in the Artifact Trade in the Northern Yukon, 1860-1910,” posted throughout the meeting in the Ballroom Foyer.  Poster reception, Satursday, March 21, 6:00-7:00 PM.



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