Trading Consequences Website Launch

The HGIS lab would like to extend the announcement and its congratulations to the team of scholars involved in the launch of the Trading Consequences website:

From the website “A winner of the second Digging Into Data challenge, the Trading Consequences project is a multi-institutional, international collaboration between environmental historians in Canada and computer scientists in the UK that uses text-mining software to explore thousands of pages of historical documents related to international commodity trading in the British Empire, involving Canada in particular, during the 19th century, and its impact on the economy and environment.”

The team of scholars including  Professor Colin Coats; Dr. Jim Clifford; Professor Ewan Klein;Dr. Claire Grover; Dr. Beatrice Alex; Clare Llewellyn; Professor Aaron Quigley; Dr. Uta Hinrichs; James Reid; Ian Fieldhouse; and Nicola Osborne have done excellent work in extending the amount of valuable historical information available in the public sphere.





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