Welcome to the Department of History and the HGIS lab Jim Clifford



After a long interview process the History Department has offered its new position in environmental history to Dr. Jim Clifford, who has accepted.  His appointment will begin officially July 1.

Jim Clifford is an environmental and digital historian of nineteenth century London and the British world. He uses text-mining and HGIS to explore the connections between rapid industrialization and urbanization in London and environmental transformations in other parts of the world. Alongside his research, he is also a co-editor of ActiveHistory.ca and a part of the Network in Canadian History and Environment website team.

http://activehistory.ca/ and http://niche-canada.org/  

We are excited about Dr. Clifford’s addition to our department as his research strengths will significantly enhance the University of Saskatchewan’s reputation for excellence in environmental history. Furthermore, Dr. Clifford Brings a great deal of expertise in spatial analysis and GIS methods to the department and will be a valuable addition to the HGIS Lab.

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